Visit 3 Cheap Shoe Stores in Tokyo and Get Various Discounts!

Shane | January 3, 2020 | 408 | Shoes

For shoe enthusiasts, Tokyo is heaven! Imagine, we can buy various types of shoes with prices ranging from one hundred thousand to millions of rupiah. Certainly, with a guarantee of quality that can not be doubted. Minasan will also be amazed by the many cheap shoe stores in Tokyo that we can go to while on vacation to Japan.

Traveling to Japan recommends 3 cheap shoe shops in Tokyo that we can visit when we want to upgrade our appearance or add to our collection of shoes. These three stores sell various types of footwear, such as shoes, sandals, booths, high heels, flats, wedges, and others. Interest will be amazed by the super low price!

Here are three cheap shoe stores in Tokyo that you can go to when looking for quality shoes at popular prices.

Shoe Plaza Chiyoda

If you are interested in buying boots with a typical Japanese model, Shoe Plaza Chiyoda in Shinjuku can be a reference. With the main strength in fashionable models, Shoe Plaza Chiyoda has a myriad of types of boots that will add value to our appearance.

Then, how about the price? The price at Shoe Plaza did not disappoint. Boots with medium to low prices, everything is there in this shop. And again, the shoe models in this shop also follow the trends in society. By paying 1,000 ~ 4,000 yen, Minas can have a pair of cool shoes for traveling in Tokyo.

Tokyo Shoes Retailing Center / 東京 靴 流通 セ ン ー ー

Tokyo Kutsu Ryutsu Senta or Tokyo Shoes Retailing Center is a shoe retail center located in Tokyo. Indeed from a distance, this shop does not look like a shoe store in general. However, who would have guessed that this shop is extraordinarily vast with a complete collection of shoes.

Another point is the interest of being able to buy a pair of shoes at super low prices! Tokyo Kutsu Ryutsu Senta offers various types of sports shoes, sandals, shoes, and boots in trendy and casual models. Sold from 745 yen to 990 yen.

The location is in three places, namely Nishi Shinjuku, Ueno Ameyoko, and Ueno Okachimachi. Choose the location that you think is closest to the Japanese tourist destination you chose.

AbAb Department Store

When you are interested in setting foot in Ueno, take time to shop at the AbAb Departments Store. This two-story shopping center not only sells clothes and accessories but various types of shoes. Generally, shoes at AbAb Department Store are around 7000 yen. However, don’t be asked during the summer; these shoes will be discounted to just 1,000 yen!

Yup, AbAb Department Store is popular with its summer promos. So, please come to this shopping center in the summer. Because shoes are comfortable and branded, they can be bought at an unexpected price.

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