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Shane | September 3, 2019 | 92 | Shoes

Tokyo may still be inferior to Milan, Paris, or New York as the center of world fashion. But Tokyo is one of the fashion centers in Asia. Together with Singapore and Hong Kong, Japan has become a cultural mecca in Asia. One of them is sneakers or casual shoes, which are now being hype among young people, not only in Indonesia but throughout the world.

In Tokyo alone, sneakers are gaining ground because the Harajuku style is perfect when wearing sneakers. Then if you walk to Tokyo and want to buy shoes, where is it?


Harajuku is a casual Japanese style that is spreading. With little saggy clothes, dyed hair, and of course, sneakers, Harajuku style became an idol in Japan. And Gettry shoe store is one of the shoe stores that try to combine how brands like Nike, Adidas, or Reebok are suitable for use with Harajuku style.

Chapter World

Next is Chapter World, which is also in the Jingumae area, my Shibuya. This shop is more like a small grocery shop but has goods that you shouldn’t underestimate. Because here, almost all shoes from the latest models to old models are sold. Some sneakerheads (sneaker hunters) from abroad sometimes are willing to come all the way to stop by this shop.

Kicks. Lab

Jordan fans from all over the world are familiar with Kicks stores. The lab is still in the same complex as the stores above. Kicks. Lab is one of the shoe stores that have the rarest collection of Jordan shoes. Besides Jordan, there are brands like Supreme, UNDEFEATED, or NEIGHBORHOOD that have the prestige of not being inferior to other famous brands.

A + S

Its real name is Architecture & Sneakers, then abbreviated as A + S. This shop is located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, downtown Tokyo. The place might not be like a shoe store in general, because the interior design is very luxurious. But make no mistake, because this A + S is the mecca of streetwear in Japan. Many Japanese artists buy goods from this shop.

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