5 Japanese Shoe Brands You Should Have On Your Radar

Shane | November 3, 2023 | 47 | Shoes

Japanese craftsmanship is renowned worldwide, especially when it comes to fashion and footwear. Here are five Japanese shoe brands that blend tradition, technology, and trendsetting designs. Whether you’re looking for sporty, chic, or something uniquely eccentric, these brands offer something special.

Retro designs – Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger, an iconic brand, is synonymous with vintage-inspired designs that blend modern aesthetics with classic styles. Established in 1949, it gained popularity with its Mexico 66 design, recognized by its distinctive stripes. These shoes are a testament to Japanese craftsmanship, combining style and comfort. They are perfect for those who appreciate a retro vibe in their footwear.

Sporty picks – Mizuno

Mizuno, known for its commitment to sports excellence, offers a wide range of shoes catering to various athletic needs. Founded in 1906, Mizuno has been at the forefront of sports technology, providing athletes with high-performance footwear. Their designs focus on enhancing performance while ensuring comfort and durability. Whether you’re a runner, a golfer, or just looking for an athletic casual style, Mizuno has something for every sports enthusiast.

Comfy and casual – SUICOKE

SUICOKE is a cult favorite for those in the know. Initially starting as a small, anonymous collective, it has grown into a brand recognized for its wide array of functional and comfortable footwear. Known for their sandals, SUICOKE combines utilitarian design with comfortable materials, making them a popular choice for casual, everyday wear. Their innovative approach ensures that comfort doesn’t compromise style.

Chic and eccentric – Hender Scheme

Hender Scheme is a high-end footwear and leather goods brand, famous for its artisanal approach. Founded by Ryo Kashiwazaki, the brand is known for its handcrafted shoes that pay homage to classic sneaker designs, recreated in luxurious, natural leathers. Their products are a statement of chic and eccentric style, redefining boundaries and elevating traditional shoe concepts to art.


Mamian is not widely recognized outside Japan and lacks readily available information. It’s a placeholder for emerging or niche brands that may capture the essence of Japanese innovation and style. Exploring smaller, artisanal labels can lead to discovering unique, handcrafted pieces that represent the forefront of Japanese creativity and craftsmanship.


Japanese shoe brands offer a diverse range of styles, from retro and sporty to chic and eccentric. Each brand has its unique story, blending tradition with modernity and comfort with style. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply looking for quality footwear, these brands are worth exploring for their quality, design, and innovation.

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