Harajuku Style That Certainly Will Blow Your Mind

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What is actually Harajuku? Certainly not the day of thanksgiving. During this time, we can assume that Harajuku is a style of strange dress, eccentric, and all-out. But actually, Harajuku is a popular designation for the area around JR Harajuku Station, Shibuya District, Tokyo.

This area is famous as a place for young people to gather. Its locations include around Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi Park, the Takeshita Street (Takeshita-Dori) shopping center, the Laforet department store, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. It is said that this all-round style in Harajuku is already widely adopted by young teenagers, as part of an effort to sell looks and sell sensations.

So there is no need to be surprised if there is a friend of ours who suddenly has his hair dyed yellow like gold bars. And also, don’t be shocked if there are female friends of yours who like black clothes, black accessories, or black lipstick.

Moreover, the Harajuku model that emerged from a classy country like Japan, surely can hooked many foreigners. Especially, if you have ever found the local cute casino store or pachinko slot machine dressed with Harajuku style, you will be addicted to the gameplay that mostly have cute figures that based from the culture. Don’t worry about losing your money because they’ll give you an experience you’ve never seen before!


Harajuku Culture

By its history, this eccentric fashion began with the style of clothing displayed in Anan and Non-No magazines. Then many young Japanese people who like to walk in Harajuku, copying the pattern of clothes in the magazine. They don’t feel uncomfortable wearing weird shirt patterns in Harajuku.

Well, here we can draw a common thread if the role of the media is enormous in spreading opinion, whatever it is. Clothing styles, makeup patterns, hair accessories, and Harajuku-style trinkets, become a trendsetter when the media sell them out in the headlines and coverage in them. Harajuku style is not just cutting irregular hair and wearing body armor that is entirely absurd. But apparently, there are several streams of how to dress. So, don’t get confused when you have heard terms below:

  • Gothic lolita, which is mostly written with romaji, with elegant, gothic, feminine clothing patterns and makes the wearer like a Victorian doll.
  • Japanese punks, inspired by the punk movement in the early 70s.
  • Cosplay, make yourself and your clothes as similar as possible to anime characters or game characters, such as Naruto or One Piece. Luckily until now, no one was dressed in Hamtaro.
  • Decora, with bright, flamboyant and eccentric colors.
  • Kawaii, which means cute or cute. Of course, clothes are worn must also be cute and chubby. Like dressed in Pikachu costume or maybe
  • Wamono, which is a combination of Japanese and western clothing. Yes, it’s easy for kimono and jeans.

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