Harajuku Style That Certainly Will Blow Your Mind

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What is actually Harajuku? Certainly not the day of thanksgiving. During this time, we can assume that Harajuku is a style of strange dress, eccentric, and all-out. But actually, Harajuku is a popular designation for the area around JR Harajuku Station, Shibuya District, Tokyo.

This area is famous as a place for young people to gather. Its locations include around Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi Park, the Takeshita Street (Takeshita-Dori) shopping center, the Laforet department store, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. It is said that this all-round style in Harajuku is already widely adopted by young teenagers, as part of an effort to sell looks and sell sensations.

So there is no need to be surprised if there is a friend of ours who suddenly has his hair dyed yellow like gold bars. And also, don’t be shocked if there are female friends of yours who like black clothes, black accessories, or black lipstick.

Moreover, the Harajuku model that emerged from a classy country like Japan, surely can hooked many foreigners. Especially, if you have ever found the local cute casino store or pachinko slot machine dressed with Harajuku style, you will be addicted to the gameplay that mostly have cute figures that based from the culture. Don’t worry about losing your money because they’ll give you an experience you’ve never seen before!


Harajuku Culture

By its history, this eccentric fashion began with the style of clothing displayed in Anan and Non-No magazines. Then many young Japanese people who like to walk in Harajuku, copying the pattern of clothes in the magazine. They don’t feel uncomfortable wearing weird shirt patterns in Harajuku.

Well, here we can draw a common thread if the role of the media is enormous in spreading opinion, whatever it is. Clothing styles, makeup patterns, hair accessories, and Harajuku-style trinkets, become a trendsetter when the media sell them out in the headlines and coverage in them. Harajuku style is not just cutting irregular hair and wearing body armor that is entirely absurd. But apparently, there are several streams of how to dress. So, don’t get confused when you have heard terms below:

  • Gothic lolita, which is mostly written with romaji, with elegant, gothic, feminine clothing patterns and makes the wearer like a Victorian doll.
  • Japanese punks, inspired by the punk movement in the early 70s.
  • Cosplay, make yourself and your clothes as similar as possible to anime characters or game characters, such as Naruto or One Piece. Luckily until now, no one was dressed in Hamtaro.
  • Decora, with bright, flamboyant and eccentric colors.
  • Kawaii, which means cute or cute. Of course, clothes are worn must also be cute and chubby. Like dressed in Pikachu costume or maybe
  • Wamono, which is a combination of Japanese and western clothing. Yes, it’s easy for kimono and jeans.

7 Famous and Good Traditional Japanese Gifts

Shane | August 29, 2019 | 35

A vacation to European land has perhaps become the dream of the majority of Indonesian people.

But please note that some others do not want to wander far away to other countries. Like Korea and Japan, the country which is still incorporated into the Asian plains has turned out to be a vacation destination awaited by several other Indonesian citizens.

When on vacation to Japan, make sure you have made a Japanese food arrangement that you will try. Besides, it should not be forgotten to prepare a special amount of money to make purchases of familiar souvenirs that are unique and strange. If you are confused about what you want to buy, here will Irukajirushi.com help you choose good, cheap and funny Japanese souvenirs.


Kendama is a traditional game from Japan by using a stick that has three bowls of opposite size, and there is a ball that will be inserted into the bowl with the tips. Although it is mentioned traditionally because it has existed since 1777 until now there are still not a few enthusiasts.

Kendama is used as an education in elementary schools, and it felt like a sport. The sport element in this good Japanese souvenir is because the technique of playing kendama creates an active hand in motion, and is very suitable when done indoors or outdoors. Also, the argument for teaching in schools is because in playing kendama, it will train the focus and perseverance of all students.

When putting the ball into the bowl is not an easy thing, to the point that it must prepare a high focus and be diligent in doing so. Because of its popularity, there has been no small competition in the country so far and has even been followed by many countries.


Kokeshi are dolls created using wood that have a face and body format but often do not have legs because the bottom is arranged flat. Its body shape is unique because it forms a tube without any hands if there is a hand the process of painting only creates it.

Kokeshi has been around since the Edo period, which began in the 1600s which is known in the Tohoku district of the northern tip of the island of Honshu. In the past to create a kokeshi format, craftsmen had to create all limbs with a lathe. But now, the use of a lathe can be done solely on the body, or just the head.

To complement the expression and clothes used, the typical Japanese souvenir that has the name kokeshi must be given the final touch by painting her face so that it looks alive, as well as for her hair and clothes. The result is a sophisticated doll that can be displayed on a table to beautify the room.


Koinobori is a type of flag but has a koi fish emblem which will later be displayed on a stick like a state flag. The purpose of the use of koi on the flag is because koi fish has a powerful force against the current so that children can be like koi fish, which is healthy, strong, and successful. In fact, in Japan, there is a Koinobori folk party to commemorate the fall of children’s day.

Until now the people’s party is still being carried out because it has good intentions for the development of children, especially men. For the colors of the koi on the flags of various kinds with a variety of different purposes as well. For example, the black color that is reflected by the father in the family, then the red that depicts ancient boys, and there are also green and blue to describe other boys. Koi frequently being used as a lucky symbol in gambling or Casino places, to gives relaxing feels when visitors doing gambling.

Kabuki Mask

Kabuki is a kind of theater demonstration that has existed since ancient times, which is around 1603. Its history is when there was a dramatic play performed by Okuni, he dressed as easily as a man with surprising movements when the demonstration took place. Because of its uniqueness, the dance carried by Okuni spread quickly, and not a few were imitating it. Even comfort women also danced when invited by all the authorities.

To bring this dance, the person who plays it must wear a Kabuki mask. So if you go to Japan, there’s no harm in buying a kabuki mask because it has a long history. Moreover, this plain mask can be used as a collection item, as well as for performing arts or events at school, even for those that can be used when photographs or scare friends.


Gamaguchi is the contents of a coin bag created by the body knitted technique. Then there are stirrup bag contents that make it unique. Most of the shape is widened in the middle element, to the point that it looks fat and the lower and upper elements are slimmer with the stirrup attached above to open and block the wallet.

To beautify the look of the wallet, often given accessories according to the will or increase knitting by arranging flowers. The material for making the contents of this bag is Poly Cherry yarn which can be chosen as the color they want, then there is a hook or alias knitting needle, and finally stirrup wallet.

Besides, a sewing machine is also needed to sew the fabric that is being knitted. For those who want to make it, you must know the knitting technique and attach the stirrup to the knitting results that are known to require patience. If you can’t, there is nothing wrong with buying it as a souvenir from Japan when you go to the country where the sun comes out.


Daruma is a doll that can be used as a nearly round-shaped game because, in the front, there is a face that is created more protrudes behind. The form of daruma is Bodhidharma because the origin of this doll is inseparable from the heaviest okiagari koboshi puppets so that when tilted it will return upright.

Because of this affair, the daruma puppet was associated with a rigid Bodhidharma who meditated facing the Shaolin monastery for about nine years. But now Daruma was created with an empty depth, to the point that it would be easy to be transported everywhere, specially brought to Indonesia as souvenirs typical of Japan for women. Daruma has red color in almost all parts, except for the face elements that are painted to make up the face.

The giving of red is caused to be the same color as Bodhidharma’s clothing and illustrates the power to reject reinforcements. The game that is familiar with using daruma is Daruma otoshi, which is a game that puts daruma on top of a piece of wood. The way to play is to hit the wood earlier, but with the criteria, do not drop daruma.


Furin is a hanging bell that will ring when blown by typical winds from Japan. To find a melodious sound without blowing it, you have to hang it in front of the residence or garden so that later, when there is a passing wind, furin will shake and make a sound.

In addition to giving up melodious sounds, souvenirs typical of Japan for boys or children are also decorations in residences and parks. In addition to these in other variants, there are also papers with certain articles hanging below, which can be written to anything. Materials to make it diverse, ranging from glass, wood, stone, leather, bamboo, and different materials that can produce sound.

The forms of furin are also diverse; in fact, there are millions of formats up to now that are hung in front of the house. Even in Japan in one house can have more than one furin. For those created from glass, usually in the side elements, there are unique motifs, starting from the leaves and koi fish. For beautifying, the elements of the rope are given decorations such as fish and others

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