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Japanese fashion trends in fashion always change with time, always adapt and dynamic to new models of clothing or bags, which some people have started to use a lot, because of the color model, the new design is certainly making fashion lovers try new ones. Without them knowing it, they created the new model.

Due to the dynamic changes in fashion styles, fashion brands must be able to adapt to the material itself. This is the reason why they always release new products every year, Japanese Brand Bags, in particular, they guarantee that their bags are of high quality, because of the Japanese treat bag them carefully.

To give you an idea of ​​what is happening in Japan at the moment, we have made five lists of Japanese brands of bags for women. Some of these brands of bags will make you captivated by the fashion of their products.

Samantha Thavasa

In 1994, Kazumasa Terada founded Samantha Thavasa, which is a Japanese fashion bag. This bag is trendy among women in their twenties, who use the basic concept of Happiness. Samantha Thavasa is famous for its luxurious and glamorous style, which is currently a hot fashion style. Hot in the fashion market.

Many buyers choose a variety of bags that are relaxed but still elegant to carry out their daily activities, besides that, there are also a variety of bright colors, pastels, and monotones offered by Samantha Thavasa, which gives buyers many choices of bags according to their references.

From the American sitcom titled “Bewitched,” the company took the name from the characters Samantha and Tabitha Stephens. There are already more than 130 retail stores in Japan, and retail was first opened in 2006 in America.


Tsuchiya Kaban has been established since 1965, this Japanese bag brand is known to be very strong, comfortable, and has a design that is ready to tempt the faith of women who want to save money in spending their fashion style needs.

Tsuchiya Kaban only chooses the highest quality and best quality leather bags, which will ensure durability and will not take time, not only that they proudly deliver their products produced by hand, which will certainly add to the very high-quality products. And details.

The latest news from Tsuchiya Kaban has started the production of traditional backpacks for children called randoseru bags, since then, they have become one of the bag brands that ranks first in the production of women’s bags in Japan.

When you visit their store, you can see various designs of bags lined up on the shelves. If you like, you can see how the randoseru bag is produced because the workshop is located in the same place as the shop.


Kitamura brand bag from Japan, which is very suitable to be worn by women, men can also wear it if not ashamed, Kitamura has been established since 1882 in Motomachi which is located in the city of Yokohama, Japan, which is currently still standing up to this moment.

Kitamura offers a variety of products, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and the most important are bags, their spells in concocting beautiful and charming bags are, Kindness, Loveliness, and Cultivation. Therefore, Kitamura only provides products with the best design, due to the concept they depend on color and food.

Yoshida Kaban

Yoshida Kaban Japanese bag brand that has a lot of history, as well as its production, it takes creative hands such as craftsman Kicihizo Yoshida who founded this brand since 1953, in Kandasuda-Cho, Tokyo, since then this bag brand has become very famous throughout Japan, with high-quality products that are made by hand.

The strength of Yoshida Kaban can be said that each stitch represents the contents of his heart and soul. Because all the bags made by him are made with passion and love for his product, quality is guaranteed, ranging from sewing on the skin to the weaving itself.

The main store has now changed its name to Porter and will still present amazing works from Yoshida, Porter, and Luggage Label.


SAZABY Japanese bag brands are no less interesting than the brands mentioned earlier, SAZABY was founded in 1972, this bag brand has been developed and produced by professional bag craftsmen with special expertise only applied by SAZABY.

SAZABY has its personality in the bag, which symbolizes mood and emotions, and also the sensitivity of the times because it can follow trends from time to time. SAZABY has produced many kinds of bags of products with high quality, yes! It is no longer in doubt.

When you carry a SAZABY bag, this bag gives a style that suits what you want, and can also change your mood and emotions, SAZABY bag has an ideal style and is suitable if worn by all women.

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