7 Trendiest Japanese Brand Sneakers among Young People

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Japan is arguably the center of unique and eccentric fashion. Various well-known trends and fashion brands produced in the land of sakura. For those who love casual fashion items such as sneakers, Japan has a line of superior brands that offer unique, innovative design concepts, and of course, prioritizing user comfort.

Are you curious about the most famous Japanese sneakers that you must put in your collection? So I’m not curious, see the review below.


ASICS is the parent brand of Onitsuka Tiger. The name ASICS itself is an abbreviation of the Latin language term “anima sana in corpore sano,” which means that in a healthy body, there is a strong soul. ASICS itself is better known for its line of equipment and sports shoes. ASICS running shoes are one of the most popular products in the whole world.


LOSERS was founded in 1975. Since its establishment decades ago, LOSERS continues to prioritize principles or concepts that uphold the unique values ​​and beauty of Japan. Even though this brand name has connotative meaning, this is not made as a mockery.

Instead, this brand wants to manipulate the “losers” to be more confident so that they can survive in life. Even though it is one of the fashion items of today, LOSERS does not hesitate to combine it with the values ​​of art and culture typical of Japan. For example, LOSERS uses a 48 color scheme of brown and 100 shades of gray in his shoe products that represent the distinctive colors of clothing in the Edo period.


Before being known as a sportswear brand, Mizuno was better known as a shop selling fashion goods from the west, which had existed since 1906. Gradually Mizuno began producing his shoes and sports equipment such as baseball gloves in 1913. Until now, Mizuno remained excels as a world-renowned sportswear brand, especially for its line of running shoes and sneakers.

Onitsuka Tiger

Initially, Onitsuka was a unique basketball shoe brand created by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Previously, Onitsuka Tiger was under the auspices of the company Onitsuka Co., and now the company has changed its name to ASICS. But, this rebranding company did not eliminate its superior shoe line, namely Onitsuka Tiger. This one sneakers brand is one of the keenest to revive the trend of sneakers from the 1960-1980s. If calculated, Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest brands in Japan because it has been established since 1949.

RFW Tokyo

Takashi Kanokogi founded RFW Tokyo in 1998. After learning the process of making shoes in London, Kanokogi finally ventured to establish his brand of shoes under the name Rhythm Footwear. The hallmark of this RFW Tokyo sneakers is none other than the sleek, simple design, and the use of minimalist patterns and colors that are suitable for both girls and boys.

That’s seven popular Japanese sneakers that you must know. How do you already have a collection of sneakers from the Japanese brands above?

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